01/11/2007 V.Rajanayagam's first death anniversary.informed by his brother Rajkumar(london)now living in colombo.
30/10/207 "Kalaignar viruthu" awarded for 34 writers in the District. four of them are tamils. Two of them are Karaitivu.Mr.V.T.Sahadevarajah & Mr.Pon Sivanantham. and two of them are Kalmunai-Mr.V.Gnanamanikam & Mr.P.Saravanapavan.
30/10/2007 Karaitivu Vipulanada Central College Ex Watcher Kanapathipillai's grand daughter passed away.(pakkiyarajah's daughter).
28/10/2007 Ceremonial opening of computer centre tomorrow at Vipulanada community centre in affiliation with "Karaitivu Sports Club".
27/10/2007 Raining every day in karaitivu for last seven days.
26/10/2007 Vivekananda free school award ceremony for sccholarship passed students - See picture column
26/10/2007 news in tamil.see picture column.
25/10/2007 Late Ponniah vaththiyar's grand son & Raman's son Sanjay went to Russia to do medicine.
24/10/2007 news in tamil.see picture column.
23/10/2007 news in tamil.see picture column.