25/03/2018 Oath ceremony took place on Saturday 24/03/2018 at Karaitivu(Photos)
20/03/2018 Oath ceremony took place on Sunday 18/03/2018 in the presence of President Maithripala Sirisena(Photos by Saha)
20/03/2018 House for Sale(attachment)
18/03/2018 Karaitivu Vipulananda Central College News and Photos.
18/03/2018 Mr.Nagappan Rasiah retired after 30 years service(Photos)
18/03/2018 Scholarship students parents discussion with Karaitivu Undergraduates Social Service Association(Photos)
18/03/2018 The sample questionnaire classes for the scholarship students started at Vipunalanda Central College by KUGA(Photos)
18/03/2018 Conference by International Education, Norway Teachers Association and SriLanka Tamil Teachers Association at Trinco(Photos)
16/03/2018 Memorial event for Late Mrs,Nesaranjini Sahadevarajah at Karaitivu on 16/03/2018(Photos)
16/03/2018 Wahesan weds Sinthiya on 19/03/2018 at Karaitivu Sri Nanthavana Siththi Vinayagar Temple(attachment)