14/06/2018 Fire Walking ceremony started at Karaitivu Paththirakaali Amman temple(Photos)
08/06/2018 Karaitivu Paththirakaaliyamman temple news-click here
08/06/2018 Musical instruments handed over to Karaitivu Central College by Murugesu Rajeswaran(Photos)
08/06/2018 Protest against wine shop by Karaitivu R.K.M.Boys School students(Photos)
08/06/2018 Hindu Religious Araneri Education Flag Day event at Karaitivu(Photos)
05/06/2018 Miss.Lingeswaran Harikaaharshi celebrated her 4th birthday at Jaz Reel Kids Garden Pre school of Batticaloa with her loving teachers and friends and with her family at Batticaloa home(Photos)
05/06/2018 Karaitivu Velusami Group Foot Pilgrimage to Kathirkamam News & Photos
03/06/2018 Awareness of National Hindu Religious Araneri Education event held by the Department of Hindu Religious and Cultural Affairs at Karaitivu R.K.M.Girls school(Photos)
03/06/2018 Late Ruthran 3rd day Kiriyai event(Photos)
28/05/2018 Ruthran(Ret.Peoples Bank Manager)(Moorthy uncle) passed away.He is husband of Kalaiyarasi(Ret.Nursing officer) and father of Kuneka(Singapore),Gopinaath and father in law of Ussan(Singapore)(Photo)