08/12/2007 These photos were taken the first death anniversary function on Nov 25-2006.Dr.E.Balasundram,Dr Ealathu Pooradanar , Widwan K.Sebaretnam and K9771750981017irubendra was given speech regarding Dr.M.Parasuraman Social and culture service which he was provided to Karativu. Book was published by Widwan K.Sebaretnam and first book was given to Mrs Letchumi Parasuraman. Also Dr.M.Parasuraman's second death anniversary is on ( Thithe) Dec 14 - 2007 will be celebrated in Canada ,Denmark and sriLanaka Batticaloa Karaitivu. Click here for pictures
07/12/2007 Oluvil Kandasamy's son in law Kumar passed away.
06/12/2007 Mani teacher's(Sinhala teacher) mother Alagamma passed away.oposite of bank kanex's akka's house.
06/12/2007 news in tamil-click here
06/12/2007 news in tamil-click here
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05/12/2007 "PILLAYAR NONBU" Last day will be 15/12/2007 in Australia
02/12/2007 "PILLAYAR NONBU" Last day will be 05/12/2007.
01/12/2007 Karaitivu Undergraduates' Association (KUGA) is conducting free seminars for G.C.E.(O/L) (25.11.2007-03-12-2007) for O/L students who sit the exam this december(10th). More than 100 including students from other villages also are takingpart.
29/11/2007 news in tamil-click here