16/10/2007 These are the names(and marks) who passed the year five scholorship. R.K.M. Boys School:P.Sajinth(173),T.Kopinanth(156),E.Puvilakshan(155),E.Rajiramana(155),A.Shonth(152),V.Thilakshan(152), R.Vathulan(152),K.Thushakaran(152),N.Kopiraj(149),T.Thinukshan(147),T.Kirishan(146). R.K.M. Girls School:T.Kasthuri(163),P.Viththiyasini(161),L.Titustika(159),P.Lakshika(156),P.Pramiya(156),N.Tharaka(151), S.Piriyanka(148),A.Kirushtika(147),P.Thanushini(143),P.Nirojiya(143),A.Thadshayini(143). Vishnu Vidyalayam:S.Viveka(168),U.Sanushthika(151),S.Tharshika(145).
15/10/2007 Sodakkallan's brother MR Kaaralasingham's wife's first death anniversary,see photo in picture column
15/10/2007 The foundation stone laid by Ampara G.A, D.S and others for New 2 floor buildings at Karaitivu D.S Office on the day of mobile service., see photo in picture column
14/10/2007 news in tamil see picture column
12/10/2007 short Vinayagamoorthy's son Kanesan(carpenter)marring 28th this month in London. Bride from kallar.
11/10/2007 news in tamil see picture column
08/10/2007 news in tamil see picture column
04/10/2007 Mobile service at Karaitivu D.S office coming on 08-10-2007.- Passport,identity card,registrar, Land,legal aid, Social service and other services available on that day.
02/10/2007 Email from Suranuthan Sothiswaran As you are aware about the nighttime free classes conducted by Vivekananda Sports Club and Kannhi Community Center in our village, 22 of 27 students who passed the Grade five scholarship exam attended these classes. Hence for the first in karaitivu a student has scored 174 marks. We thank V.S.C. & teacher Mr.Priyatharshan. Thanks
02/10/2007 late Sathakka's brother & Sundararajan's father in law Vellupillai Balasundaram passed away.