20/08/2007 Chirman vinayagamoorthi's grand daughter(vikki's daughter) got 3A & 1B in a/level in London.
20/08/2007 news paper aricle in picture colomn.
19/08/2007 Thaninayagam(c.o)'s daughter got 2A, 2B in a/level in london. she been selected for medicine at portsmouth university.congratulation!!!!!!
12/08/2007 Satchithanandasivam principal died
12/08/2007 mr.poopalaretnam's mother in law's 2nd death anniversary photo in picture colomn.
11/08/2007 A.Kandiah master(kumaran vaththiyar) passed away.father of thaninayagam,jeyarajakumar,late yoganayagam,chandra & sumathi.
08/08/2007 paper aricle in picture colomn
05/08/2007 paper aricle in picture colomn
04/08/2007 paper article in picture colomn
03/08/2007 karaitivu vipulanada central college opening ceremoney will be on saturday 4th august.chief guest minister farial ashroff & special guest our m.p pathmanathan.surprise!!! there are 40 computers in the i.t class room.enjoy! karaitivu students.