19/11/2007 Prison guard Kunasingham's nephew(late Aruliakka's son )Kanagalingham passed away.
19/11/2007 Year 9 provincial exam starting today.
19/11/2007 news in tamil-click here
18/11/2007 news & picture-click here
17/11/2007 Pava's bachelor break party today at Karaitivu.
16/11/2007 Something a reader come across, very inspirational and wants to share with other readers.
16/11/2007 Rice mill Sinnaththurai's son Pava(Nava's brother) marrying Cigratte Miniam's wife's akka's daughter Subagini on Sunday 25/11/2007
13/11/2007 news in tamil-click here
11/11/2007 late Vaddana Samiththamby's son Chandran's family in canada & friends
10/11/2007 Bank Murukuppillai's mother passed away today. 10/11/2007 Kavuthu vaththiyar's mother in law passed away today.(Telecom Gopal's amamma)