03/04/2019 Gala Night 2019 by Karaitivu People Association of Canada will be on 4th of May(attachment)
29/03/2019 Mr.Markandu Viththiyananthan has been appointed as whole Island J.P (attachment)
29/03/2019 R.K.M.Girls School 8 students and Shanmuga Mahavidyalayam 1 student got 9A in G.C.E.(O/L) (Photos)
25/03/2019 Puvaneswary(Ret.Peoples Bank Officer) passed away-Karaitivu-08.She is wife of Late Suntharan annan and mother of Thilaxshana(attachment)
25/03/2019 Honouring Karaitivu Hockey Lions Heroes and Inauguration of Hockey Academy at Karaitivu R.K.M.Girls School on 20/03/2019(Photos)
25/03/2019 India Kanchipuram President Aathmakananandha Gee Maharaj visited Karaitivu R.K.M.Girls Home(Photos)
22/03/2019 Mrs.Manikkam Sinnathamby passed away-Karaitivu-01(attachment)
18/03/2019 Karaitivu Vipulananda Central College Beat Kalmunai Wesley High School in Eastern Coastal War Cricket Big Match(Photos)
07/03/2019 Kolam competition at Karaitivu on Maha Sivaraththiri day(Photos)
07/03/2019 Ajithkumar of Karaitivu chooses the Fastest Bowler in Airtel Fastest competition(Photos)