05/12/2017 Karaitivu People Association Canada Get-Together invitation-attachment
05/12/2017 Karaitivu Vipulananda montessori nursery farewell function(Photos)
05/12/2017 Prasanth(Achcha) passed away-Karaitivu-02.He is son of Mr and Mrs.Kanagaretnam Rohini(attachment)
05/12/2017 Karthikai Theepam pooja at Karaitivu Siththanaikuddy temple(Photos)
28/11/2017 Palasuntharam passed away-Pottuvil/Karaitivu-07.He is husband of Late Sivakamy and father of Paskaran(Teacher),Palasaraswathy(Management Assistant),Sivapalan(Male Nurse)-Photo
27/11/2017 Mr and Mrs.Neethan Rathy were honoured for completed 25 years service at Disneyland Paris(Photos)
23/11/2017 karaitivu Divisional Secretary Sutharsini Srikanth was promoted as Additional Government Agent for Batticaloa District(Photos)
22/11/2017 House for Sale at Karaitivu(opposite of Division-08 co-operative)-click here for Details&Photos Please contact the owners at : Mobile: +94774184322 Mobile/Viber: +4915780376827
19/11/2017 Thamil Moli Vaalthu Padal at D.S.Office Kalai Vizha-video Link
19/11/2017 Saravapoigaiyil Neeradi song at Karaitivu D.S.Office Kalai Vizha-Video Link