26/06/2019 Vimalanathan Sanjeev passed away(attachments)
26/06/2019 Karaitivu Association-U.K(K.A.U.K) Get Together will be on 29/06/2019(attachment)
20/06/2019 Mylvakanam Yoganathan passed away(attachment)
19/06/2019 Kathirkamam Pilgrimages news(Photos)
19/06/2019 Visitors vehicle parking place at Karaitivu Hospital(Photos)
19/06/2019 Gnanasekaram Rathas passed away(attachment)
19/06/2019 You may be able to free up space by changing which folders sync on this computer
15/06/2019 Karaitivu Association-UK(K.A.U.K) Get Together will be on 29/06/2019-click here(attachment)
10/06/2019 D.S.Ramakrishnan's wife Kamalakka passed away(attachment)
10/06/2019 Fire Walking ceremony at Karaitivu Kaali Kovil(Photos)