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07/11/2007 VSC News - Click here
07/11/2007 Ambulance driver Nagalingham passed away.His coffin took by car to the cemetry (first time in karaitivu)
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06/11/2007 Llist of Graduants of Eastern University who are from Karaitivu - Click here
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06/11/2007 Mrs Paravathy Arasaratnam (Amirtha Akka's) 80th Birthday party - see pictures
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04/11/2007 The News From Vivekananda Free Education Academy
02/11/2007 Ms.Thadsayini Velnayakam (Neranjanatha's sister)got the second class(Upper Division)and going to awarded as Bsc(Hons)in the General Convocation-2007 at the Eastern University,tomorrow.In addition some more will be awarded in various degrees.