08/08/2007 paper aricle in picture colomn
05/08/2007 paper aricle in picture colomn
04/08/2007 paper article in picture colomn
03/08/2007 karaitivu vipulanada central college opening ceremoney will be on saturday 4th august.chief guest minister farial ashroff & special guest our m.p pathmanathan.surprise!!! there are 40 computers in the i.t class room.enjoy! karaitivu students.
03/08/2007 mobile phones are working now in batticaloa distric after 8 months.
02/08/2007 G.C.E (a/level) exam will be starting on monday 6th august.finishing on friday 31st august."all the best karaitivu boys & girls"
02/08/2007 paper artical in picture colomn
26/07/2007 paper artical in picture colomn
24-07-2007 “Mr. S. Kaaralasingham (Sinkan – Devision-01) has donated Rs. 25,000.00 for filling the land to build the Sunday Araneri School in Karaitivu. The Vivekananda Sports Club and Karaitivu’s beloved thank him for his generous donation to start this welfare project. We wish him for all success in his life & career. We, Karaitivu, kindly request the other generous people who love this unique and historical village and who live all around the world to contribute further to commence this project ASAP”
23/07/2007 some more pictures.