21/07/2007 news paper articals added in pictures
14/07/2007 late kannappar's son kamalanathan passed away by heart attack.(china's brother)
15/07/2007 engineer mahesan group & other karaitivu people has started to walk to uganthai & kathirkamam today.
15/07/2007 : Enjoy latest pictures in picture colomn - Thanks Kanthi
11-07-2007 “Mr. T. Kanthithasan has visited to Karaitivu recently from UK and granted Rs. 126,000.00 as a donation for filling the land to build the Sunday Araneri School in Karaitivu at the celebrations held today (6th July @ 7.00 pm) at Karaitivu. The Vivekananda Sports Club and Karaitivu’s beloved thank him for his generous donation to start this welfare project. We wish him for all success in his life & career. Also this positive start is now encouraging and become possible purely because of promptly publishing the message in the website of Karaitivu.Com. Therefore we sincerely thank Mr. Bony, the administrator and other relevant officials. We, Karaitivu, kindly request the other generous people who love this unique and historical village and who live all around the world to contribute further to commence this project ASAP”
24/06/2007 Karaitviu in dark-No electricity in karaitivu for last 3 days. Don't no the reason why.
19/06/2007 news paper articals(see picture colomn)
17-06-2007 short vinayagamoorthy's son sathiyan(carpenter) marries forest guard thangarajah's daughter on tuesday 25/06/2007.had a bachelor break party 17/06/2007.
16/06/2007 late Nallar's son Kirubai passed away. (opposite of bony's house)
16/06/2007 Kanagasuntharam's (bank) mother passed away.